Kitchen families are very similar to your actually blood related families.  Sometimes there is name calling, emotional arguments, and hair pulling.  But at the end of shift- they are still family. 

Here are some of my work life family- people who I have worked with, met at events with, drank too much with,  or ran around a massive kitchen for a silly TV show with.  They have been so kind to contribute and extend another view point on the world that is Pastrylandia.


If I could bottle Rebecca's badass attitude- I would be a millionaire.  Seriously, she is a force to be reckoned with and a legit sugar pusher.  That's why we get along so well.  We met on the set of Top Chef: Just Desserts- running around like idiots trying to fit half sheet pans in kitchen aid ovens that didn't fit half sheet pans (oh the stories go on and on, really.) On a show like that you either become fast friends or worst enemies- and we become thick as thieves.  When we left the set of Top Chef we didn't miss a beat and always stayed in touch or visited each other- she is a true friend and confident.  I hope to be just like Rebecca when I grow up. 



Badass sous chef at The South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas.  Common nicknames are #JEWELS, "living a jule kindof life" (which means you get stuff for free all the time), Doughnut Whisperer, and Jacque's Daughter.  Dislikes: allergies in Austin, when timers aren't turned off, and an unorganized freezer.  Likes: funny cat/dog videos (ok, really any funny video), Dixie Chicks, puzzles, zen garden on her balcony, and NASA.  Don't take her coffee away from her- ever. Seriously.